Andy is a real down to earth guy

Andy is a real down to earth guy an i wish him all the luck in the world with the teams drag racing he's got a great gimmick with the joker an it's really great family friendly at the races . The kids get involved with the tshirts an joker face an body painting something for everyone with this team. if i had a company i would love to be a sponsor for this team. he brings great showmanship to drag racing like Larry "SPIDERMAN" McBride. good luck Andy

- Raymond Heim

the true definition of love and dedication

Andy and Kim Beauchemin are the true definition of love and dedication to a sport they dearly love. They work so hard for everything they obtain. The one thing that stands out more than anything else is their love of people and their fans. They have touched my heart on more than one occasion, and have taken my mentally impaired son on as kind of a mascot. They also have something that is a dying art in this modern day of boardroom, always being correct racing: SHOWMANSHIP! They carry showmanship on to a new level. They are fan favorites everywhere they go. I am hoping and praying that they will get the sponsorship they so deserve, so they can attend all the NHRA races, and make a lot more fans happy....

- Michael Jones

Been racing RED for 27 years

Been racing RED for 27 years and around Nitro for almost as long .. This is a great team and always take time out for the fans ! Keep marching on Guys ! Glad to see you all ! Great team ! Cheers Andy and Kim !! All the best !

- Ross Bacon