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Beauchemin Family Racing was started by Andy & Kim Beauchemin over 27 years ago. They are based out of Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada. Although they live in Canada, they do most of there racing in the USA, in the NHRA, Mickey Thompson Tires, Top Fuel Harley racing series through out the US.

 They started running with the Joker theme on their bikes back in 2008 and it has been nothing but good for the team and it's popularity. They are huge fan favorites at the NHRA races and enjoy spending time with their fans and sponsors. Andy's wife Kim also raced a Harley in the Pro Modified Harley class with the Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Association from 2004 to 2008 with 3 national championships. Their Granddaughter Teanna also races, so it is truely a family affair.

The goal for the 2018 race season, is to run the full 10 race schedule with the NHRA, if sponsorship becomes available. They would also like to include a second Top Fuel bike to the team, and have plans of putting a US rider on it as soon as this season if things work out.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please visit us on facebook, Drag Racing Joker on Instagram, dragracingjoker or Andy Beauchemin on Twitter. Hope to see you at an NHRA race soon.